Welcome to Sykia!

Welcome to Sykia, “the poets’ haven”!
Sykia is a small and pretty village on the northern coast of the Peloponnese, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Corinth, situated between Corinth to the East and Patras to the West. Endowed with a long pebble beach and a unique seaside pine forest, it has provided a haven of peace and tranquility for generations seeking quiet inspiration.

It is no coincidence that Sykia was the favorite holiday place of poets and writers, the most famous of whom is Aggelos Sikelianos: in this small corner of the world, the sea, the beach and the pine forest combine to create a unique landscape of peace and tranquility.

Sykia is a holiday destination for all ages. It is especially suitable for families and senior travelers, who will appreciate the calming and inspiring effects of the prevailing blues and greens. Here you will find accommodation to suit your needs, as well as nice restaurants and bars.

Read about the long history of Sykia, plan your excursions to important archeological sites, monasteries and places of natural beauty, and prepare yourself for an active holiday if that’s what you like!

Last but not least, prepare your stay well by reading about how best to get here, what the weather is like, what others think of Sykia and more!

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We look forward to welcoming you here!

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