The “Pefkias” pine forest of Sykia

The pine forest “Pefkias” reaches almost as far as the sea water! It links Sykia to the area’s main town, Xylokastro, 2km away. One can walk or jog along the beach or inside the forest, where a 2km trail takes you to Xylokastro in the shade and rejuvenating smell of pines.

The “Pefkias” seaside pine forest is also a wonderful place to meditate, practice yoga or take your baby for a walker in its stroller. The municipal tennis court, whose access is free, can be found at the beginning of the forest.

Peukias from the Bea
Peukias pine forest
Peukias pine forest
Jun 8 2014 Daphne Mavromati Category: relax

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