Getting from Athens to Sykia by public transport

Athens to Sykia Apartments by public transport:

By bus:
Buses to and from Athens run every hour, roughly from 6 am to 9 pm (For the exact timetables please contact us). There are 2 bus stops in Sykia. The bus costs approximately 12 euro per person.
By suburban train from the airport of Athens:
There is a new suburban train departing from the airport and bringing you to Kiato ( ), which is 10 km from Sykia. It runs roughly every hour. The train costs approximately 14 euro per person. A taxi can be arranged to pick you up from there and bring you to Sykia (price between 15-25 euro, depending on if it’s pre-arranged or not).
By taxi:
A taxi service can be arranged to pick you up at the airport of Athens or the port of Pireaus. The price for a taxi from the airport is approximately 180 euro.

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